Traveling to Glenwood for cocktails? It’s one of those evenings, after dinner when you need the perfect ending to a great home cooked meal. Instead of dessert, I had cappuccino on the brain. It’s now 8 pm and what’s a girl to do? Well, some of my friends in the ATL, would think What? and would not seek out options outside of their “neck of the woods” however, travel is not always about flying or driving to another state or country.  I feel that seeing the world is inclusive of the world around me (proximities), it’s getting out and about — it can be checking out neighborhoods, counties, neighboring cities and depending on where you live – Burroughs, suburbs, etc.  And for me, the ATL has so many opportunities.  So, I hoped in my car (I didn’t Google this) and it became an exploration.  Guess what?  All nearby coffee houses were closed (and I wasn’t trying to do the chains –you know who).  So, I become distracted and I stumbled upon a cozy little spot in Glenwood called the Vesper and had the next best thing: an Espresso Martini called the May Day which consisted of Vodka, coffee liquor, an espresso shot chilled & served up.  What can I say? It was the perfect dessert/cocktail that did not feel like a trade-off.  I enjoyed the patio seating while sipping on this truly decadent libation.  In addition to drinks, tapas are available for purchase.  The hostess and customers were welcoming and not to mention the patio is dog friendly – Yay!   Vesper is a great date spot lending to its cozy atmosphere and location.  All in all, Vesper is good vibe so, you have to visit and try the martini – it definitely fit the bill.